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BDC productionz

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Welcome to the official BDC homepage

Clipart of a computer; Actual size=146 pixels wide

08.26.01 - sup everyone... this is the official BDC page... it`s under mass constrution right now and we just wanna tell you guys to relax and enjoy... we`ll update this page as often as we can... peace... ~BDC

don`t forget to get BDC`s second album `the reunion` in the black market now!!!!

08.28.01 - Look guys, i know some of the stuff on this page are kinda fake, but don't take it too seriously guys, it's just a joke... but yes we are an r&b group and yeah... so you better recognize...

09.01.01 - the official BDC saturday 2 is here... if you missed the first one, too bad... we`re gonna make our second music video which will be sold on dvd sometime late fall. thanks to all you fans for your support

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Site Updates

08.27.01 - pictures added
BDC History page done
08.28.01 - pictures added
BDC Contact page done

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