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I know that this all sound corny, but it's all true
It all began as a big joke says Joseph Vicente, the founder of the infamous BDC. In 1996 a group of troubled young men made their humble debut at a retreat in maryland. Six young men would begin a series of dramatic non-sense that will never be matched. What began as the short lived"MFC" spurred into the greatest revolution of r&b this world has ever scene. All the way from sleep overs to the now infamous "dady" suffix, which found its way onto many screen names, is all a part of history. This is a history that never goes away, even if you wanted it to.


MFC, the immature version of the new BDC, started out as four, Joseph Vicente (Joe), Paolo Gatchalian (Pao), Brandon Basilio (Beeh), and Alan Gonzales in May of 1996. We
never wanted to become a music group, MFC was just our click. We didnt start singing until 1997 says Vicente. Nathan Soriano (Nate), Rj Estoninos, Julian Ces, Paul Agustin, Jermey Navaro, Paul Guvarra, and Lloyd Guerra later joined the group the late 1996. But by 1997, many of the members of MFC decided that the group wasnt a cool thing. The group broke up because we grew up, everyone went on to their seperate ways. says Pao.

The Resurrection

Desperately hoping for a change, the group tried to reunite and we formed BDC. With the new group BDC formed, Joe, Pao, Alan, Beeh, LLoyd, Rj, Nate and Paul started their
musical talents practicing for weeks for a Club Praise Party... We never knew we could sing like that! says Rj. We had a lot of fun... performing for retreats and parties. Creativity, determination, and a beautiful harmony brought this group at its high point. Thats when we did the Resurrecition album. We had like 5 songs on it, but it was a big achievement for us. We even had a Wonderful Tonight music video. It was great to have our group back together With their new album and music video out, things started to look great for the young men from the Washington DC area, but it seems like growing up again would break us up again says Pao.

The Trials and Tribulations

We knew things were going to break us up but it really fell apart after Joe left. says Basilio. Joe broke away from the group in order to satisfy a realtionship he was in. Later, Pao was in his own relationship and Beeh felt betrayed by all of BDC. We felt like we had our own lives to worry about says Joe, I never thought that all of our friendships would last... With Joe gone, and the group going its seperate ways, members of BDC managed to stay together. Beeh, Lloyd, and Pao had started a new click, while Rj, Nate, and Alan had their own, with Joe coming in and out of the picture. A broken BDC would continue to perform for parties and camps, but things were that great at all. We would all get together sometimes to perform, but things would break up after the performance, but i guess you can say, it was our love for music that kept us together. says Joe.

The Reunion

After a long 2 and half years, Joe and Pao were out of their relationships, and became very close friends again. Talking to Pao again was great. It made me want to get back into the group again. says Joe. And thats exactly what they did, BDC was reunited in 2001 where they made their second album, the reunion. And now, BDC is stronger than ever. BDC is currently working on their second music video which should be out in the late fall.
Its great to be back together says RJ. Finally BDC has come back to Washington DC!!!